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Our kennel was registered in 2008. It began in 2005 with our first dog — Orhidea s Goluboy Laguny — our beloved yellow girl Dasha. Dasha is our pet, she wasn't successfull at shows and we are not going to mate her. But we love her dearly for her wonderful temper and kind heart. Besides, she proved to have really good working qualities. She is the starting point of our life with labradors.

A year later, in 2006, we bought a black bitch Prima Magic Illusion. Muha has a wonderful cheerful character and really good confirmation. She is quite successful at shows and in field trials. On December, 19, 2008 she brought us her first litter — 8 beautiful black and chocolate puppies, that carry the name of our kennel "ORHIDAMUS".

In September 2010 a new breed appeared in our kennel. It is golden-retriever Lexus Jardin Supremo Gold to Orhidamus.

In March, 2011 our Vasya (O. La Vista Brava) delivered her first litter - they are the second generation of our labradors.

In April, 2013 our Gretha (Lexus Jardin Supremo Gold to Orhidamus) delivered the first litter of Golden retrievers in our kennel. Her son Senya (Orhidamus Elisey) stayed in the kennel in co-ownership.



6.01.2015. Our Dasha is 10 years today! Our congratulations to the oldest member of the kennel!

19.12.2014. Our congratulations to our the first "Orhidamus" puppies with the 6-th birthday! Be healthy and loved by your masters! >>

13.12.2014. Gretha and Senya have become the best brace of the national show "Kinologia", exp. A.Filatova. Besides, Senya got CAC and BOS, Gretha - ResCAC. (photo >>)

09.11.2014. Our congratulations to Muha and Betty with a good presentation at the National Labrador Championship, exp. E.Rautala. Muha - ex.2 in veterans, Betty - ex.3 in winners. Photoes by E.Malinovskaya >>

12.10.2014. Senya has become Club Champion! Club Winner, BOS, BOB of the special show, exp. G. Korobkova. (photo >>).
Muha has become Best veteran of the breed and BIS-veteran-2, exp. A.Filatova and Y.Gavrilova (photo >>).

05.10.2014. New photos of Orhidamus Ludvig El Kantar >>

20.09.2014. Muha has the first show in veterans... Good luck, our girl! (photo >>)

06.09.2014. Senya has become Champion of Russia! CAC, BOS, BOB, BIG-4 in intermedia, exp. L. Krakovskaya

30.08.2014. Senya has got CAC, BOS in intermedia class. Exp. O. Teslenko. (photos >>).

17.08.2014. Senya has got his first adult CAC, BOB and BIG-3 in intermedia class. Exp. Nikitin A. (photos >>)

10.08.2014. Betty (Orhidamus Dazzling Sapphire) has become Champion of Russia today! She is the winner of the open class, BOS, BOB, BIG-2. Expert - M. Krymskaya.

22.07.2014. New photos of Orhidamus Eralash >>

06.07.2014. Our congratulations to Senya and Gretha. They are the best brace of a special show again.

16.06.2014. Our Gretha is 4 years. Our congratulations! Much health and a lot of fun to you!

04.06.2014. Our Muha is 8 years today. We wish our beloved dog much health and a lot of years with us. We love you, Muha!

25.05.2014. Senya has become Juniour Club Champion ! Senya and Gretha have become the best brace of a special show in Khimki. Judge - T. Dreyer. (photos from the show by Grishakova Kate >>)

28.04.2014. Our first golden litter is 1 year! Our congratulations to the kids.

26.04.2014. Our congratulations to Senya. Golden-retriever special show, exp. Z.Sirik (Israel), junior class: ex.-1, Jun. Club Winner, Best Junior, BISS.

12-13.04.2014. Congratulations to Ermolai! He finished with Junior Russian Champion title! And our Senya has begun with Junior Club Champion title.

22-23.02.2014. Wonderful weekend! Senya has finished with Jinior Russian Champion title!

News from Krasnodar: Ermolai has debuted in Junior class and opend Jun.Russian Championship.

15-16.02.2014. Senya has debuted in Junior class and opend Jun.Russian Championship.

11.01.2014. Senya has become BISS puppy at golden retriever specialty. Judge A. Stepinsky (Poland).

06.01.2014. We congratulate our Dasha with her 9th birthday! Much health to you, our ginger dog!

01.01.2014. We congratulate all our friends with New Year and wish you all the best. Let all your wishes come true!

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